Thursday, April 28, 2011

feeling spring

rain dropletsgreen, after the rainnew budsskunk cabbagesly squirrelmuddy pathnew budsnew green

There was actually a short period of time back in January, when we had monster snowstorms every three days, when I sort of believed that spring would never come.

In the moment, a certain finality can descend and really cloud our vision, can't it?

Monday, April 25, 2011

a dapple of my weekend

foggy morningfabric ready for sewingfabric eggscoloring eggsbig sister and little sistersilly rachelme + forsythiaplaying with the rc carsdaffodils from the neighborlots of green!

opening up

A Friday off from work. A missed yoga class. Greasy diner breakfast instead. New shoes. Harry Potter catch-up. Lounging. Egg-dying. The Ten Commandments on TV. Easter. Lots of family. Lots of food.

Back to work.

Friday, April 22, 2011

have a peaceful weekend

green buds growinggreen buds growinggreen buds growing

Let's all have weekends filled with peace and gratitude, wishing and dreaming, gentleness and care, and lots and lots of magic.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

signs of life

signs of life: a feather

This weekend I found a feather. Bright and white and right in my path.

signs of life: deer

This weekend I saw three white tailed deer. Leaping and bounding right across my path.

sitting by the brook

This weekend I sat by the brook. Rushing and gushing right along my path.

Signs of life, springing up everywhere. And in my soul--slowly, steadily, maybe.

Monday, April 18, 2011

a dapple of my weekend

exquisite sunrisechopping veggiesnew tulipssaturday afternoon boredomlate night garden-planningtoasting at brunchmaps in the mirrorold tables and booksdancing cousinssitting by the brooktiny among trees

A movie and beers, dress fittings and lunch, cuddling up in bed and comedy reruns, writing in the woods and taking deep breaths, Sunday brunch and visiting with family, planning my garden and calling old friends.

What did your weekend look like?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

a brunch-turned-picnic

picnic croissantolives, cheese, garlicyummy olivesgarlic facepretty marypeekaboohand-holdingsomething's funny"stretching"
kid modelfeeling the breeze

Sunday morning was going to be fabulous. We had a plan to finally use the Groupon I bought back before Christmas for a delicious brunch at a farm-to-table restaurant about 40 minutes away.

Too bad I had the thought to check if we needed a reservation when we were only ten minutes from the place. The woman on the other end of the phone was not pleasant. We were not getting in. No way, no how.

Sour moods began to show through as we hurriedly made a second-best plan for getting food in our stomachs, pronto. We dejectedly decided to stop in at the grocery store and buy some picnic food and then search for a place to park ourselves. We got some croissants, olives, hummus, cheese, (and chocolate muffins, too) and found a grassy school yard to picnic. With food in our stomachs, our picnic gave way to photo shoots and rolling down grassy slopes and cartwheeling.

It turned into a lovely Sunday morning, after some adapting! Turns out, changing plans at the last minute isn't as hard as I always think it is...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my weekend, halfway through the next week

Yes, it's now been three days since I began uploading and editing these photos. Don't get me started on slow internet connections.

me in the sungilette castlelooking updeer grazingevening sunsetpretty maryfeeling the breezecrocuses popping upblossoms! finallysunny woodsdead plants in the afternoon

This weekend found me traipsing around a state park with a professional photographer assisting with an engagement shoot. YES! It's true. In a quick turn of events, a photographer contacted me and invited me along and within just a few days I was by her side as she photographed the sweetest couple's engagement session. (Okay, so the only "assisting" I did was holding a reflector. Once. The rest was just fun.) It was so exciting to see her in action and I can't wait to learn more. I'll share photos as soon as I'm able. Thanks, Sara!

Oh yeah, and I also had my Friday night date with myself (which I forgot included Ray LaMontagne on Live from the Artists Den, hurray!), went with Lauren to meet with a florist for her wedding flowers, had an impromptu picnic, and prepared for another spring cleanse (I'll share soon, I promise!). But mostly, I was just over the moon about the photo shoot :)

Hurray for another weekend on the horizon!