Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a note to you, to me.

To feel good is to feel alive.

And to feel alive, you must follow your aliveness.

Even if this means saying no to an invitation from your best friend, an extra shift, more money, that job offer, your dearest family member. A no to what doesn’t feel good will be a yes to yourself.

Follow your aliveness.

When your body feels at peace, that is aliveness.

You must say yes. You must pick up each breadcrumb of truth as it comes and sit with it, however small it may be, and say thank you.

And then wait for the next one.

You may wait for a long time. You may want to stray off to the right or the left and forget about the breadcrumb because in that moment it will feel easier to find something else than wait for more aliveness. It will feel easier to give in to the negativity and drama and just let yourself sink into it, simply for a place to sink into.

But it will not be easier. It will not feel good.

And to feel good is to feel alive.

So you must be devoted to feeling alive. You must tell yourself over and over again countless times a day, “I am committed to feeling good. I am committing to what I know because it feels better.” You must remind yourself of this often, as many times as it takes. 

It may take a shitload of times. It probably will. And that’s okay. 

Eventually it will start to feel more normal. And more easy. 

Eventually you’ll be so far across the tightrope that to go back the way you came will feel just as intimidating as moving forward.

And so you will move forward, following your aliveness, picking up the next breadcrumb, making your way to the other end of the rope.

You will discover what feeds your soul, and what does not. You will begin to recognize the breadcrumbs and find them more easily.

You will begin to know more clearly what you want to feel, and how you want to feel. You will paste those words and images up on the walls around you as your soul soaks up the feelings, and your actions towards aliveness will become guided by these intended feelings, without you even realizing it.

You will become so in tune with your body that simply thinking of the word LOVE in your mind will be enough to quell your hunger, at least in that moment.

You will become so in tune with your body that it will whisper into your soul things that you cannot even comprehend or understand. And despite the lack of comprehension and understanding you will listen for the sake of that commitment to aliveness. 

You will not know why closing out that browser window at that exact moment feels so good, but you’ll be happy you did once it is closed.

(And to feel good is to feel alive.)

The aliveness will show up. It will never fail you. There will be no logical need for worrying, since the aliveness will always come. You make take a strange path as you follow the breadcrumbs, but that’s okay. The breadcrumbs will always come, and you will need to have taken that path to see them. Do you see? There is no logical need for worrying.

Eventually, living in the flow will feel so good and so damn easy that you’ll wonder why you never did this sooner. Suddenly decisions as simple as what to eat for dinner and as complex as where to live in this world will feel like the most natural thing ever, and you’ll go with that flow of aliveness simply because it feels good, letting go of the worry. And it won’t be until after you eat the dinner or after you sign the lease that you’ll realize it – how much that decision resonated, how proud of yourself you are, how simple life can be. And you’ll wonder if everyone else knows this and if it came sooner or easier to them but,

you’ll be really grateful you discovered such a beautiful secret. 

You’ll find other souls along your path who are also picking up breadcrumbs and you’ll glance sidelong at each other and smile quietly knowing you know the same beautiful secret. 

And you’ll want to keep going, keep taking the next breath, keep looking out for that next breadcrumb. Because it will feel good.

And so you’ll keep going. And the good feelings will come.


  1. This is absolutely brilliant. Every single word of it. xoxo

    1. Thank you Christina. I have good inspiration :)

  2. This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning, Ruth. How did you know?? :) From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  3. Beautiful words. Thank you so much. I needed to hear this today.

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